Cognos Online Training

Course Overview

MonsterClasses Trainer-lead Cognos Online Training is live, real-time and interactive. It is not self paced or pre-recorded, and provides many of the same benefits of in-person classroom training, with live chat and online collaboration features, information flow between students and their instructors or peers can equal or even surpass that of the classroom training.

Cognos is a developer of Business Intelligence software developed by IBM. Cognos is designed for the Business users who have no technical Knowledge to extract corporate data, analyze it and assemble reports. Cognos is a combination of nearly three dozen software products.

The main objective of Business Intelligence is to bring the right information at the right time. Usually, the data is pulled from several sources and transformed into accurate and consistent information which is stored in the Data Warehouse. Now Cognos is one of the largest suppliers of Business Intelligence Tools globally and the name is recognized as a leader in their field of Business Intelligence reporting.

About our Trainer

  • Our Cognos trainer is having 6+ years of DWH experience
  • He has worked for different clients like GSK. Unicorn HRO, Boeing
  • He is a Cognos certified from IBM ( cog – 112 )
  • He has trained more than 120 batches online, offline and corporate.
  • He has conducted many corporate workshops a and successfully trained more professionals
  • The students he trained most are from US and Europe.
  • Online Training techniques of MC are specially designed for the global learners and are globally proven.
  • MonsterClasses has taken utmost care to recruit the trainers for online training.
  • Our trainer is capable of designing sophisticated course material.
  • Our Trainers are enthusiastic learners, which helps them to acquire up-to-date knowledge.
  • Our Trainers aims at quality teaching, which earned them multitudes of learners.

Highlights of Cognos

  • Tailor-made Course Curriculum
  • Online training is learner cantered.
  • Learner can combine education, work and family.
  • Real-time experts are our trainers
  • Most affordable Fee Structure
  • Industry-centric Approach
  • World-class teaching methodology
  • We Provide goal oriented, comprehensive training based on your specific educational needs.
  • We provide free 24/7 server access to help our trainees practice exercises and demos in real-time.
  • We offer Placement options to our learners if required.

Scope of Cognos

  • Ease of decision making
  • Work load balancing
  • Integration capabilities
  • Easy to use reports
  • Seamless upgrade
  • Mobile technology support
  • Event studio to manage the events
  • Life cycle manager for up gradation
  • Increased search capabilities

Why MonsterClasses for Cognos

  • Training would be conducted by experienced and certified Instructors.
  • Online inter-active training is a common experience @MonsterClasses
  • Many students in the past have learned, mastered, got certified and landed in excellent jobs.
  • Our course material is specially designed for online learning
  • Our trainers are technology specialists actively involved in their particular fields.
  • Support for real-time projects by our trainers.
  • 100% job support for desired and excellent candidates.

Course Duration    :   30 Hours

Course Name         :   Cognos Online Training


  • Introduction to DWH
  • Characteristics of DWH
  • OLTP Vs OLAP Databases
  • Different Approaches of DWH (Kimball Vs Inmon)
  • Data mart Vs Data Warehouse
  • Fact Table Vs Dimension Table
  • Concepts of Schemas (Star schema & Snowflake schema)
  • Industry leading ETL and Reporting tools


  • About Cognos 8.4
  • 3 – Tier Architecture
  • Cognos Release (EP series7, Reportnet , Cognos 8.0/8,1/8.2/8.3) and their differences
  • Features of Cognos 8.4
  • Cognos Vs other OLAP tools
  • Cognos components (Modeling & Reporting)
  • Different cognos services


  • Personalize cognos connection
  • Create and manage portals, shortcuts, report views..etc
  • Working with Cognos configuration, content Store
  • How to Connect to different Data Sources
  • Security setup
  • Import and Export of Package (Deployment)
  • Running the Report Burn
  • Scheduling Reports


  • About Framework Manager
  • Framework Manager, Metadata Modeling
  • Creation of Interface and Usage
  • Creating Model & Namespace (Layers)
  • Importing Metadata
  • Naming convention for objects in a project
  • Creating Query Subjects & Query Items
  • Merging Query Subjects
  • Creating Relationships & Setting Cardinalities
  • Creating Parameter Maps & Macros
  • Creating of Model Filters, Prompts & Calculations
  • Add Business Rules and Set Governors
  • Assigning package level security
  • Improving performance
  • Publishing Package


  • Introduction
  • About Ad-hoc Reports
  • Types of Report(List, Cross Tab, Chart Reports & Others)
  • Applying Filters, Prompts & Calculations
  • Sorting, Grouping, Sections & Aggregate Functions
  • Run and Manage reports


  • Type of Report Templates
  • Creating list, Cross Tab, Chart, repeater, Maps & Other Reports
  • Report templates, formatting Reports – fonts, style, header, footer, boarder…etc
  • Generating and Creating Prompt Page
  • Types of Prompts
  • Query Calculations & Layout Calculations
  • Filters and Dynamic Filters
  • Conditional Block
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Master Details
  • Cascading Prompt
  • HTML Items & Hyperlinks
  • Set Operators
  • Setting Burst Options
  • Drill through
  • Drill up & Drill down
  • Setting Variables
  • Report Functions
  • Report Validation
  • Reports Run with Options


  • Insert Data
  • Change the number of Visible Items
  • Nest Data
  • Replace Data
  • Sort Data
  • Explore Data
  • Change the measure
  • Drill down for Details
  • Hide Items
  • Insert a calculation
  • Save a custom set
  • Define a filter
  • Compare sets of data
  • Using Dynamic Context


  • Creating Agents
  • Adding Event conditions
  • Task and Task execution rules
  • Scheduling Agents

FAQ’s of Cognos

  • What is the procedure of deployment in Cognos installation?
  • How we will tune reports to have better performance?
  • What is Bubble Chart? Give an example for the usage of Bubble Chart?
  • What is a Recursive Relationship?
  • How many types of dimensions in Framework manager? Which dimensions are used in project and who decide that?
  • How can we connect tm1 web using Cognos tm1 portlet?
  • How to add 2 different colors for alternative rows in a report?
  • How do you schedule reports in Cognos?
  • How to create a IQD in Cognos? Which is tool Used?
  • Explain the limited local and database only properties in Framework Manager? Why do we use these properties?
  • How to create Dashboards in Cognos
  • What is the advantage and disadvantage of Master Detail report?